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It's such a great time to talk about t-shirts and cold temperature. As temperatures drop, many people think it's time to bid adieu to their t-shirts for the season. 


Well do me a favour and repeat after me, "I can wear a t-shirt during winter months." Now say it like you believe it because it is really true. You can absolutely wear a t-shirt inside your home and even outside to the store, to work, for a walk around the block or wherever you choose! 


There is absolutely no reason why one of our high-quality statement t-shirts can't be used as a base layer or as a stand-alone piece. Just pair it with your favourite jacket or under a warm flannel and walk it like you talk it. Sounds doable right? Yes!


Here is a helpful guide that you can use to discover creative ways to style your t-shirts for the colder weather:


The Sporty Look 

If your style is a sporty one, you can easily create this look by adding an athletic jacket to keep you warm. If your t-shirt has bright colours or patterns, stick to a more neutral-coloured pants and jacket to tone down your look. This look is especially great for those who don't want to make their winter look too complicated with layering.


The Casual Look 

For a more casual look, for maybe a lunch outing, you can put your shirt on display if it's not too cold out. Consider layering it with a jacket that will allow you to leave your top layer unbuttoned so that you can show off your t-shirt. You can even add a spunky scarf that won't block your t-shirt. With this ensemble, your t-shirt is the star of the show while still staying warm with your layers.


The Loungewear Look

If you're planning to stay inside and lounge around, you can still enjoy the comfort of a tee on a cold day. Enjoy couch time by adding one of our soft hoodies to the mix. You can take it a step further and add a pair of sweatpants to relax even more.


The Dressy Look

Now I know that you might be saying there is no way you will wear a t-shirt to a dressy event! This is a fashion no-no right?? 

Before you think of it as a faux pas, have you ever tried it? If you haven't, don't knock it too soon. This look is totally achievable if you pair it with the right items. 

If you are going for dinner or a just a day at the office, you can wear your t-shirt under a buttoned-down shirt, or a nice jacket. Your t-shirt should be a neutral colour like grey, beige, or tan so as to not clash with your other pieces. You can also dress your look up a bit further with a fancy shawl or silk scarf.


Consider these tips to dress up your t-shirt before you throw them in the back of your drawer for the winter. Hopefully with this guide, your t-shirt can easily be added to the mix.


Feel free to put your own spin on things whether you are seeking a sporty, casual, lounge of dressy look. Add some accessories and show off your personality and style. Whatever you do, please wear your t-shirts with swag and enjoy them year-round!






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